Community Building & Bridging Events

Enriching community competency and solidarity through ​our Community Building (CB1) and Community Bridging ​(CB2) events.

CB1 Events

Community Building (CB1) events are the heart of CHEM Allyance’s “inreach” efforts, designed to empower communities from within. These community-driven events foster agency and autonomy, allowing members to share their knowledge, skills, and experiences with one another. By “filling up” through a diverse range of enriching activities, the community grows stronger and more resilient, ready to “pour out” and make a positive impact on the world around them. CHEM Allyance is proud to support these community-led initiatives, providing guidance and resources to ensure their success.

CB2 Events

Community Bridging (CB2) events are the embodiment of CHEM Allyance’s commitment to forging strategic alliances for the benefit of all, starting with the most impacted communities. By connecting community members with government, corporations, and other external partners who share our mission, values, and vision, CB2 events create opportunities for collaborative problem-solving, resource-sharing, and mutual growth. These events prioritize the needs and perspectives of the community, ensuring that any partnerships or initiatives are grounded in the lived experiences of those most affected. Through CB2 events, CHEM Allyance facilitates the building of bridges that lead to transformative change and shared prosperity.

CHEM capsules

Our signature “Conference in a Conference” Capsules

Experience the synergy of diverse perspectives through CHEM Capsules. We curate focused dialogues that explore a central theme or multiple elements of a larger event, helping attendees understand how their work fits into the broader context of driving positive change. By revealing these connections and the bigger picture, we inspire a sense of purpose and catalyze collaborative action to address complex challenges.

Our capsules feature:

  • Curated themes: Each capsule explores a central theme or multiple elements of a larger conference, offering a deep dive into specific topics and their interconnections.
  • Engaging formats: From panel discussions and workshops to immersive experiences, CHEM Capsules offer a variety of engaging formats designed to maximize learning and participation.
  • Visionary speakers: Our capsules feature thought leaders who share their unique perspectives and cutting-edge ideas, inspiring attendees to think creatively and collaboratively.
  • Actionable insights: Attendees leave with concrete strategies and action plans they can implement in their own work, empowering them to drive meaningful change.
  • Networking opportunities: CHEM Capsules provide a platform to connect with like-minded individuals, forge new collaborations, and expand professional networks.
  • Health equity lens: By examining diverse topics through the lens of health equity, CHEM Capsules illuminate how addressing issues holistically can lead to more just, thriving communities.

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