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CHEM Allyance

The Allyance

CHEM Allyance is a 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit with a mission to boost ASTEAMM® within historically excluded communities through audacious, innovative, and collaborative educational, training, and workforce development opportunities that advance health equity.



Technology & Engineering


Arts & Culture

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Preparing our youth for bright futures by offering K-16 CHEM ASTEAMM® education and development.

our programs

Community Inreach &

CB1/CB2 Events

Enriching community competency and solidarity through our Community Building (CB1) and Community Bridging (CB2) events.

CHEM Conference Capsules

Showing the power of interdisciplinary synergy through curated discourse and experiences that illuminate how diverse areas of study, industry, culture, and enterprise can converge through the lens of Health Equity to drive impact and transform communities.

à la carte

Access stand-alone educational materials and resources from the CHEM ASTEAMM curriculum at your own pace.

Global Health Summit

Climbing Towards Collective Prosperity

An annual conference empowering historically excluded communities to achieve transformative healing and Health Equity through CHEM ASTEAMM® disciplines, fostering participation, leadership, and impact innovation in emerging bio-economies.

CHEM Global Campus

CHEM Innovation Hub Network

CHEM Global Campus is CHEM Allyance’s network of high-tech CHEM ASTEAMM® innovation hubs that pair best-in-class agricultural operating practices, scientific research, and technological advancements with academic curricula, small business development, and community reinvestment initiatives.


Health Equity is Measurable

The Health Equity Certification is a revolutionary tool that quantifies progress towards Health Equity using the CHEM Pillars of Health Equity® rubric. By calculating equity across social, human, environmental, and economic dimensions, this certification will empower organizations to measure, scale, and assure their impact in building a thriving and prosperous society for all.