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Empowering Communities Through ​Education and Collaboration

CHEM Global Health Summit is an annual ​conference that empowers historically excluded ​communities to achieve transformative healing and ​health equity through CHEM ASTEAMM® (Agronomy, ​Science, Technology & Engineering, Economics, Arts ​& Culture, Model Policy, and Medicine) disciplines. ​By fostering leadership and innovation in current ​and emerging bio-economies, we aim to create a ​platform for collaboration, education, and ​community empowerment.

GHS 2024

CHEM Global Campus

CHEM Innovation Hub Network

Join us for an invitation-only, 2-day summit ​where underrepresented and culturally-​responsive thought leaders, operators, ​regulators, and mission-aligned trade ​associations representing ASTEAMM fields ​across agro-based industries come together to ​drive health equity within our communities.


CHEM Global Campus

CHEM Innovation Hub Network

Day 1

Keynotes and roundtable discussions on the state of ASTEAMM opportunities in emerging bio-economies, along with networking opportunities.

Day 2

Attendees will visit our rural CHEM Innovation Hub in M​cMinnville, OR, where they will enjoy community-led healing a​nd well-being activities.


Foster collaboration among ASTEAMM leaders to identify innova​tive, cross-disciplinary solutions that activate their businesse​s and industries to advance health eq​uity.

Past summits

Exploring the Application and Intersection of Study, Culture, and Community

Faculty & Administration Summit May 2021

A two-day virtual summit introducing HBCU faculty and partners to CHEM Global Campus and CHEM ASTEAMM® curriculum, featuring lectures, workshops, and networking opportunities that aimed to inspire systemic changes in academic policies, resource development, resource allocation, coursework, and partnerships as a driver of social change and economic empowerment in marginalized communities.

Athletes & Associations
January 2022

A one-day virtual summit uniting over 300 athletes, educators, coaches, students, and sports enthusiasts to explore the integration of traditional and innovative, plant-based therapies into sports medicine, from youth sports to the pros. CHEM Partners delivered a comprehensive educational and informational program designed to raise awareness and competency surrounding this area of interest.

Our CHEM(h)ist(o)ry
June 2022

A two-day virtual summit that focused on sharing the varied cultural histories of traditional plant medicines, their prohibition, associated stigma, and legalization efforts within marginalized communities throughout countries and cultures around the world. Participants were invited to gain a deeper understanding of the intersection of culture, community, and well-being.


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Cultivating Equity,
Empowerment, and Healing

Unleash the power of collaboration and innovation to build a world where all communities can flourish.