Who we are

CHEM Allyance is a 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit ​dedicated to advancing health equity in historically ​excluded communities. Through community enrichment ​activities and innovative educational designs, we are ​committed to breaking through some of the most ​pervasive and deeply entrenched barriers to self-​determination: educational inequities, systemic ​divestment, resource scarcity, and opportunity gaps.

Our initiatives equip individuals with the knowledge, ​skills, and resources they need to succeed and lead in ​CHEM ASTEAMM® fields as applied to existing and ​emerging bio-economies. The fruits of these ​disciplines will significantly and holistically contribute ​to community resiliency by creating pathways to ​economic, environmental, human, and social stability ​and well-being. Our ultimate goal is to empower ​communities with the tools and opportunities they need ​to manifest total prosperity

CHEM Allyance is a member of the Comprehensive Health Equity Movement (CHEM)®. In coalition with CHEM Partners, ​the organization creates educational, personal, and professional development programs, and participates in various ​collaborative public-private community investment projects.

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What We Stand For

our Mission

To advance health equity by providing innovative education, ​training, and workforce development opportunities that boost ​ASTEAMM® within historically excluded communities.

Our values

We innovate audaciously:

We fearlessly pioneer groundbreaking solutions that challenge the ​status quo, pushing the boundaries of what is possible to create ​transformative change.

We collaborate inclusively:

We foster an environment of inclusivity, valuing diverse perspectives ​and working together to achieve our shared goals of health equity and ​community empowerment.

We educate holistically:

We provide comprehensive education that goes beyond the classroom, ​nurturing the mind, body, and spirit to help individuals reach their full ​potential.

We invest strategically:

We direct our resources towards initiatives that yield the greatest ​impact, creating sustainable change and long-term benefits for the ​communities we serve.

We measure rigorously:

We hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards, using data-​driven approaches to track our progress and ensure we are making a ​meaningful difference.


We exist to ensure that all people have ​access to education and opportunities ​that nurture their natural talents and ​aspirations, facilitating their self-​actualization, and enabling them to ​actively contribute to prosperous ​communities and society.

our VisioN

We envision a world where all people ​have the opportunity to realize their full ​potential, actively contributing to the ​creation and maintenance of a thriving, ​equitable society.